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"Sacramento Repipe & Plumbing Company has helped me with two jobs (re-piping and repair work) in the last couple of months. They quickly accomplished what needed to be done and were professional in their interactions with me. I'd encourage others who need this type of work to take advantage of their services. "

Solomon McCrea


What is Kitec?

Kitec® is a brand of plastic piping used in hot and cold water supplies to plumbing fixtures, and in heating systems with boilers. 

It was made from 1995 to 2007. 

Common Issues


  • Has leaks, water damage to the home, clogging, poor water pressure and flow.
  • Won’t just leak, but are quite likely to burst causing a flood.
  • Pipes cannot take heat and deteriorate causing pipes to burst.
  • Zinc oxide forms in fittings and causes blockages in the pipes that result breakage.

Common Names

Kitec, Plumbetter, IPEX AQUA, WarmRite, Kitec XPA, AmbioComfort, XPA, KERR Controls or Plomberie Améliorée.

Free Kitec Identification & 24 Point Safety Inspection

If you have Kitec plumbing in your home, you may want to call in a licensed plumber or certified home inspector to take a look.

"The Sacramento Repipe crew was professional and personable every step of the way! ... The house was well protected and left very clean every day. We were extremely pleased with Sac. Repipe! "

Barb B.


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Free Kitec Identification & 24 Point Safety Inspection

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